Sunday, July 10, 2011

Builder Change

Well its all happening....

After the house took so long to sell and sold under the price that we were expecting we had no choice but to change builders... We were happy with McDonald Jones Homes and Aaron at the Kellyville office was fantastic. But at the end of the day we had to cut the price back and that meant going with another builder.

We found a company called Fairmont Homes NSW who have a display home at Gregory Hills. We walked in and loved it straight away.

There were some changes that we wanted to make and this was no problem at all. In fact I have never experienced the service that I have had from this company they are great. The people that own and run this business are family and they are all excellent to deal with.

After meeting the builder and going over a tender (which took 1 day to get) we wanted to make some plan changes to better suit what we wanted and to suit the block. This was done within 1 day and emailed back. We then had a final meeting with the builder to extend the bedrooms down the side of the house and to locate a skylight into an area of the house we though might not have much light.

After all the changes were made the building contract was prepared and we signed it a few days later.... Fairmont Homes NSW are very organised and they make things happen fast.

I have attached some images of the house sitting on the block, the house plan and a couple of photos of the inside of the display home.

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