Sunday, July 24, 2011

Riding the Luck Swing

After the events of Saturday and the weather looking excellent things were all ready to be done today (Sunday) so that our builders could get onto the frame on starting Monday.

Took Ivan a coffee over in the morning and all was good and he was ready to go. He told me to come back in a few hours and we could see the exposure of the concrete. Went back over at about 12:00 - Ivan let me know that the grinder was broken and he had been on the phone for 2 hours trying to get it working with Tech Support Husvarana.

Things have just not gone our way this week...
  • Raining all week so can't get on the block till Saturday
  • Bogged on site 3 times due to heap of rain and soft topsoil (Saturday)
  • Generator broken down (Saturday afternoon)
  • Grinder broken down (Sunday morning)
I am just going to put this out of my mind and get into work tomorrow and let that occupy my mind and wait to hear some good new from Ivan - He was told Husvarana are sending a replacement first thing.

UPDATE: Get the call that Husqvarna have a brand new machine for Ivan to use and he is on site getting it done. We are back on track and finally the luck has turned... Just no rain please!

Nice new machine - We have progress!

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