Sunday, July 17, 2011


Fairmont asked me to confirm our electrical plans and get that back to them. We drove back over to Gregory Hills to have a look at the display home to see where they had them placed in there.

Main things we wanted to make sure when we placed power powers, TV, phone etc was that it would work with our furniture placement.

We worked that out quite quickly and made sure there were points placed so we could vacuum all areas of the house.

We also placed a gas point outside where the BBQ would be - so we can connect the BBQ to natural gas.

When we were there there was a nice young couple with 2 young kids like us looking in the home. Heard them talking about the location of the media room and the alfresco and how much they loved the feel of the house. I told them that I was building the home and I had switched the alfresco and media around as well.

Showed them the plans of our place and they really liked them as well. It was funny to hear that they had looked around at lots of builders and were confused on who to go with - flashback to what were were feeling 4 months ago!!!

I was a bit envious to hear that their block size was 700sq+ so they wouldn't have an issue fitting any home on their block.

We had a bit of a chat and they asked about our experience with Fairmont so far and how they were to deal with. We let them know how happy we were with our experience so far and talking to them reminded us of when we first walked in the home.

I hadn't been to the display home for at least 2 months and going back re-affirmed that we had made the right choice.

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