Saturday, July 23, 2011

Horror Morning... Great Afternoon...

What an amazing day - would go as far to say that it was one of the most memorable days I can remember.

Here is a summary of the day

  • 7:00am - Ivan was to be on site with his equipment and generator to grind the slab
  • 8:00am - get a txt from Ivan to advise he was bogged as the ground was very soft and muddy
  • 8:30am - in the car off to Bunnings to get tow rope to save Ivan
  • 9:00am - Arrive on site and generator (massive power generator on trailer) is bogged due to all the rain and MUDDY as!
  • 9:30am - 2 attempts to get the generator on site and bogged both times. Ivan calles Coates Hire and requested a machine quote to crane the equipment onto the slab - Coats hire want...... $1000 to do it which is far from what I can afford!
  • 10:00am - Ivan goes to Kennards and gets a heavy duty trailer to try and make it easier to get on site instead of the crane options - again the ground is soaking wet and muddy and very bag - cant even walk on it  - that bad
  • 10:30am - New trailer arrives and again.... gets bogged and have to tow that out as well
  • 10:45am - Frustrated and have no idea what to do - head up to the Glenmore Ridge Park opening and run into Matt (client of mine that I did a home loan for 2 days ago!!!) - also building in Glenmore Ridge and explain the story. Matt says "I can get a crane here in 30 mins!!" - not what you know its who you know
  • 11:00am - Me and Matt drive to Emu Plains to get a truck with a crane on the back - drive back to site and crane the machines onto the slab - watching in amazement!
  • 11:30am - Ivan on site grinding, I am thanking Matt to no end and standing back in amazement on what had transpired during the day.. Matt thankyou so much....!!!!!
  • 4:00 - get a message from Ivan that the generator has Sh*t itself and Coates are coming out at 7am to fix it...
Like I said the day went from bad to worst to good and back to bad and Ivan took it all in his stride - Without Matt coming to the rescue nothing would have happened and wasted lots of $$$ with hiring equipment with no result.

Have a look at the photos - Had to take some to back up this story..... Can you believe that I got a crane???

Matt & Emma - Clients of mine that saved my day!!!! - Thanks!!

Went back to the site to see what it looked like this afternoon and what do we have - EXPOSURE!!! Cant wait to see it tomorrow - Ivan back on site at 7:00am! What a legend!!

Only 1 day on the grind and the slab looks tops already!! It was really really dusty and you could see with a bit of water what it was starting to look like...

Glad we went with the white and gold mix as all gold would have been to much.


  1. Hey Drew,
    Shame we missed meeting you at the brunch today. The view is tops!
    We got bogged just walking on our site… trailers stood no chance!
    You definitely have a great story to tell…hopefully Ivan has better luck tomorrow. Sounds like the sun will shine a bit more this week!

  2. I was there... but had to dash off to sort out the issues...

    I will be down there around lunchtime so if you are there and you see me drop by an say high...

    Hope it all goes well for Ivan and crossing the lot that the rain stays away...

    PS I have the McJones electrical price list if you want it... let me know

  3. Hi Drew and Renee,

    My fiancé and I would like to comment firstly on your outstanding building blog. We too have purchased land in Glenmore Ridge and currently spending all of our free time looking in display homes. We are very close to sign with McDonald Jones and was reading in your blog that you have an electrical price list. Any chance we could have a sneak peek?

    We are also dealing with Aaron, he is great, though we are a little nervous as our land does not register until April next year. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Hey bpar...

    Aaron is great... knows his stuff and a nice guy. Same for Brett Hiscock as well (house and land specialist)

    Wish granted....

    Also go to this website and you can read 56 recent pages of info about McDonald Jones and what to expect - has so much info its like the bible

    If you want assistance with the process, how it all works, construction loans, loan approval give me a call and more than happy to help - I have financed about 10+ land and construction loans in the estate - (Manager for a Bank) and more than happy to assist!! (0427998111

    Cheers and good luck!!

  5. Hi Drew and Renee,

    You have been most helpful... We have allowed $6k for electrical components which should be enough to install all the important things!

    We went for a drive through the estate and construction has commenced on a few blocks in your stage. Our land is due to be registered in April of 2012 so we do have some time up our sleeve. We are spending every weekend visiting display homes and organising quotes from different companies. We seem to always come back to the Havana!
    Thanks again for your help and any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated...

    Brent and Lucia

  6. Bpar,

    As I have said the Havana is great... In my top 3 homes and I am sure its McJones most popular home.

    Best advise I can give is this...

    Its easy to get caught up in a house and then get excited only for the price to come back to much and you get upset.

    A house with the following included should price up to about $1,000 - $1,100 per sqm(which is what most are doing and based on your block being less than 600sqm in size.)

    9ft Ceilings
    900 Appliances
    Stone Tops
    Ducted Air
    Turf or allowance for turf
    Poly or similar doors in the kitchen
    Stacker Doors
    Alfresco with concrete floor
    Carpet and Tiles
    Site costs
    Council Fees
    Garage Opener
    Basix etc

    So if its 260sq it should be between $260k & $286k

    You just need to work out if you are getting a good deal or a not so good deal.

    The above will save you time when you are comparing houses as you can work out the price before you sit down and spend time working it all out.

    Did you look at the Milano at Gregory Hills? Anther awesome house. Our house we are building is across the road - Fairmont Homes St Thomas 30.