Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some of our concrete polishers work

Here are some pics of some more floors our polisher has done. Ivan has been great and we are very confident that he will deliver a fantastic result.

Message to mother nature.... "Please keep the rain away this week"

Ivan is trying to get on the slab but this weather is not being as nice as it could be. He needs to be on the slab for 2 days before the frames go up.

3000 grit finish (what we are doing)
Closer look

On another note Glenmore Ridge is having the opening of Jacaranda Park this weekend so we will head down and have a look and the the kids have a play. I have also heard it is customary to crack some champagne when you have a slab. I figure who am I to argue with tradition and I don't need to be asked twice for a beverage or 3!

Matt from our street messaged me today and also suggested a few beers to celebrate... I think that we will get on well!!

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