Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Framework up for Slab

Well things continue to progress along with something happening every day. I drove past the slab late this afternoon and was great to see the framing done for the slab.

The slab is being poured on Monday so i guess the plumbing and the pods for the slab will be done over the next couple of days.

I have a great job to do tomorrow to get ready for Friday. I have to go to South Windsor to get 1 1/2 tonnes of Aussie Gold quartz pebbles. Picture of the pebbles are below. They are being seeded into the slab when it is poured so that they are revealed when the grinding is done for our polished concrete floors. We are confident that the gold to white tones will come up nicely and mix in with the rest of the colours.


  1. Wow, that sounds interesting Polished floors.. what parts of the home are you having this?? Is the builder doing it or are you getting it polished after you get the keys?

  2. Hey Cass,

    Our builder is awesome! He is letter me use my own external contacts and nothing appears to difficult... I am just trying to make sure that nothing I do makes it hard for the builder as they have been so accomidating.

    So the rocks get thrown into the concrete when they pour the slab. Then they used diamond grinding machines to grind the floor down 5mm-10mm to expose the stones. This gets done before the frame goes up so we get a smooth even finish.

    Then they come back when walls, roof and bricks are done to do the final polishing...

    Just clean with water and great for the kids.

    Doing 90sq inside - entrance, dining, kitchen, hallway

    Doing 25sq on the alfresco as well.

    you can see some pics here --->

  3. Wow...just checked out that website - very effective - looks fantastic!

  4. Thanks Leonie... something different but interesting as well.

    We like that its green, easy to clean with kids, very hard to stain or scratch, absorbs heat during day and releases at night and the floor continues to the alfresco brings outside in.