Thursday, July 28, 2011

Frames Up

Well it is starting to look more like a house now... We have frames going up and suspect we will have a roof as well tomorrow. Only swung past this afternoon for a quick look and pretty impressive to see what can get done in just a day. Makes a difference when you can see walls as you can visualize where everything is now.

I have to go to site on Saturday to place all the floor coverings down on the slab to protect Ivans work. He dropped over the coverings at our house tonight before he flew back to Perth.

view from the front

centre of the house - kitchen left living right
this is the doors to outside


  1. Fantastic... now you can really get an idea of how things feel... I did my weekly drive-by of the estate and had a peek looks great!!!!

  2. YAY! There's been a lot of progress for you this week Drew! I might have to do a drive past and check it out :-)