Monday, July 18, 2011

Slab Poured and Quartz Seeded

Well the Rain held off and the slab got poured this morning - Renee drove past mid morning and they were well into it. Lucky she had the camera as she got some good shots - not bad seeing they were taken through the fence!!

Ivan our floor polisher was there to spread the quartz and apparently all went to plan. Interesting shots of the quartz being seeded out into the slab - we have had heaps of people ask about how they do it and whats involved. Also very glad that I got a 50/50 mix of white and gold quartz. I think that all gold would have been far to much.

Ivan went back to the site later in the day to cover the whole slab in plastic. Apparently this helps the slab to retain moisture longer and makes it set better and less likely to crack.

Ivan is back out there on Wednesday and will start the grinding process which should take about 2 days. The frames will get put up after he has finished.

I was really nervous about how it would all work out - mainly because Ivan and the builders concreters would be working together during the pour. The last thing that we would want for both the builder or Ivan was to cause issues or dramas and make things difficult. Looks like it all went to plan and worked out well. Can't wait to see what it looks like once it has been cut and polished!!

I have some pics below of some other polished floors that we have seen and will be interesting to see what ours looks like with the stone that we have picked. Love the seamless finish and how shiny and clean it looks.


  1. wow, I was wondering how pebbles would be seeded into the concrete. I think the effect will pay off and you will have a stunning floor.

  2. Thanks Cass... So do we... fingers crossed!!

  3. Mother in law is still unsure! hehe

  4. Looking good...and the best thing of all about polished floors is that there is NO GROUT = less cleaning!

  5. That is a smashing look. Would love to have done it myself, but the OH doesn't like the look :(