Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanks Fairmont

Just want to say a THANKYOU to Dan and John from Fairmont.

Made a call as we wanted a dwarf wall on the inside of the house(which we discussed before we signed up with Fairmont) and also some noggings for the plasma tv.

John called me to say that he organised the dwarf wall and to go and have a look to make sure we were happy with it. I drove out to check and it was fine. The carpenter was there and had also done the noggins in the media room for the plasma TV. He even wrote the measurements on the  concrete floor so we knew exactly where they were for when we put the tv in - HOW GOOD IS THAT.

I have said it before but dealing with Fairmont has been great and they are a great family company to deal with. Nothing is to hard and they are only to happy to help when you ask for it. Thanks for making it so easy!

With so much going on it keeps bringing me back to the excitement of building... which is how it should be!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures as promised

Well the roof is on so we had to go and pull up the black floor covering this weekend and broom out all the dust. We are now waiting for Ivan to get on site to get the floors grinded as electrical, insulation and gyprock starts this week.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roof Done

Wow... a week later its all happening again.

Monday = Roof tiles arrive on site
Tuesday = Sarking, roof battons and all tiling was done - all in a day was an amazing effort
Wednesday = Roof capping done and most of the eave lining installed

Seems like we are flying ahead after this week. Also been told that next week... wait for it..

Tuesday = Electrical
Wednesday = Insulation
Thursday = Gyprocking

Also noticed that the cavity doors were installed in our bedroom and the linen cupboard. There is also a beam that was installed in the rear alfresco to hold the roof up.

Ivan is back from Perth and doing a floor across the road from our house. I have to squeeze him in to get the job done before the gyprock goes up next week. Now the roof is done I also have to go to site on Saturday to take the floor protection up and clean the inside of the house ready for the floors to be polished - Dirty Job but someone has to do it!

Seriously cant wait to see these floors finished.

Better photos to come this weekend... PROMISE

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fascia and Gutter

Well we have had some more action this week. Fascia and gutter have been installed and we are waiting for the roof tiles to be delivered as Monier is out of stock of the Traditional Barrumundi - their most popular tile and colour.

So hope that they are delivered on Monday and we can see a roof next week and be one step closer to lockup.

Weather is holding up good so far so lets keep hoping that we have good weather for next week as well.

I suspect after the roof is on we wont be to far from a front door, garage door and laundry door..... LOCKUP wont be to far away......hopefully....

We are keen to see the roof get done so we can get Ivan back to finish the floors and see how they come up..... cant wait

Update: Roof tiles delivered today.... should see some action this week and some awesome floors on the weekend!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Brickwork Complete

I hadn't been out past the block last week as was super busy at work. I had an annual leave day today so we went out this morning to see that the brickwork had been completed and the bricks were in the process of being cleaned down.

We are both really happy with the colour we have chosen and like the look with the flush finished mortar as well.  Have been told that the fascia and gutter and roof will be happening this week - from there we would only need a front and laundry door and we would be locked up.

I hope that this is the case because Ivan is planning to come back on the weekend to finish grinding the floors.

Should be an interesting week.

Rear Alfresco
Rear Alfresco & Side
Front and Main Bedroom - Pillars to be Rendered/Bagged
Front and Garage - Pillars to be Bagged/Rendered
Laundry and Rear Bedroom

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Paint Colours

With so many decision to make its really easy to second guess yourself. We see something we like then wonder if it will go, if it will work with out colours, if we will like it. Things look very different on a paint chip or a sample door colour then they do in real life.

Was searching the internet tonight and stumbled across this page from Dulux that lists their top selling white and feature colours. Helps that 3 of the colours that we like are the ones that are their best sellers.... Just helps to re-affirm that we are making the right choice.

Hope that this helps anyone else that is debating what colours to use.

Dulux - Award Winning Colours

Anyway... We are using the following colours.....

Main: Hog Bristle 1/2
Trim: Antique White USA

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kitchen Colour Selections

Finalized the kitchen colours today - had to be one of the hardest decisions we have had to make.

Like most of our other decisions we decided to only pick colours that we had seen in built kitchens that were on display... so after lots of looking we went with the following.

We will have the Alabaster as the main door colours which is 80% of the kitchen. The Artisan Oak will be on the front if the island bench, the overhead cupboards and the wine rack

I wanted another colour as the feature called Ebony Macassar by Laminex.... but happy wife happy life!

Door Main Colour
Polytec Createc
High Gloss - Alabaster
(off white gloss)

Caesarstone Glacier

Feature Door & Wine Rack
Polytec Artisan Oak

Also cancelled the builders sink and bought a nice square one with a double bowl which we really like. Love the square look of the sink and we don't want a drainer on the side either - straight in the dishwasher!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Bricks Start

Busy day today - out picking kitchen colours (will post selection later)

Swung past the block late in the afternoon and we have bricks and windows! Just a few few pics but so happy with our selection and can see the blue tones in the brick already. It should look 100% when the mortar goes whiter and the bricks are cleaned.