Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Phones.... NBN in limbo

In the simple attempts to connect STANDARD services in out new home at Glenmore Ridge we have run in to some major problems.

We have called Telstra to connect the phone line and they gave us a new number on the spot. They took a booking to come and connect the telephone line to the street on Monday.

I got a call today and they have cancelled the installation because.... wait for it.... there is not services in our street and probably for most of the Glenmore Ridge Estate.


I will attempt to outline below

  • As part of the Governments plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) Fibre is to be rolled out across Australia - This is to be done by NBN Co Ltd
  • Telstra normally roll out copper underground cables in the pits/tunnels that the developer lays in new estates
  • Because fibre will eventually be rolled out by NBN Co Ltd, Telstra have decided that installing copper cables in the ground is not a good commercial decision as it will be ripped out and replaced with fibre in the future
  • So with NBN CO Ltd being the people responsible for providing our servives Telstra has absolutely no responsibility to provide and copper services whilst we wait for the fibre rollout across Australia
  • Telstra do however HAVE TO provide houses with a home phone SO with no copper cable you could demand a satellite phone from them - I am sure at massive prices
  • This means that you cannot get a normal home phone, ADSL internet, back to base alarms or anything else that goes over a standard phone line
  • This means that the online internet that you can get is either 3g i.e a usb dongle OR Telstra's more expensive 4g
After speaking with Telstra they advised to call my local MP (which is David Bradbury) to advise him of the situation. I sent an email yesterday and they advised they would get back to me.

I also spoke with Stockland who appeared to already know that this was an issue and would also get back to me.

I will be calling NBN CO tommorrow to see when they plan to roll out services into the area. After I speak to the NBN CO I will find out how far services are from being installed. I have read other blogs and there are 1000's of other people in new estates in the same position as us.

I am also keen to know how long Stockland has know about this and why this is the first I have heard of this issue. Considering I paid full price for my land and dont even have standard services I am FAR FROM IMPRESSED.... 

What an absolute GARGABE situation ..... updates to follow

Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to Mulgoa!!

Ok so here is the story...

Got my rates notice in the mail and appears that there is a change to the suburb we live in.

We were.... Lot1007 Gullinulla Place Glenmore Park NSW 2745 but are now 7 Gallinulla Place Mulgoa NSW 2745.

I called council this morning and they have confirmed it.... Our suburb is now MULGOA

That being said and seeing we are Mulgoa residents and not Glenmore Park residents I would love for Stockland to hurry up and open our new entrance from Bradley Street so I dont have to keep going through Glenmore Park to get to our block. Its annoying driving 1.6kms down the northern road, and then having to drive back when its closed....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Handover 11/11/11

Well handover is supposed to be 10/11 or 11/11 depending on a few things.

There are final painting touch ups, shower screens, walk in robe, water tank, appliances, turf, external ceiling fan and a few other little things that need to be finished.

We can't wait but I am sure that the next 2 weeks is going to be the slowest that we have experienced.

Any no pics to update but things are looking good and will post some more pictures when we have something new to show.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

House Pictures

I have been meaning to take some photos for the past week or so and finally got around to it. Below is where we are up to so far.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Stretch...

Well things have been going to plan and thought I would post an update. Lots happened last week and we are hoping that the same happens this week.

We have been told that we should expect the following this week

  • Front portico pillars will be rendered and painted
  • Front driveway and path to be poured
  • Wardrobes and showerscreens to be installed
  • Tiling to be grouted
  • Site cleared and levelled ready for topsoil and turf
  • Concrete floor polishing finalised
After the above is done I think that all we have left to do is the following
  • Install bath, toilets, mirrors and bathroom accessories
  • Painting touchups
  • Front entrance and kitchen splashback tiling
  • Plumber and electrical final fitout
  • Carpet
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Water Tank
  • Blinds
  • Ceiling fan in alresco
We can't be far away from keys now.....

Monday, October 3, 2011

Enter October

Well we are now starting the first week of October and things have been going along well.

We are pretty excited that we might get to see some cool stuff happening this week.

I think the tiler will be on site to do the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen splashback. We can't wait to see how they turn out when they are done.

If the tiler is there I would also expect the kitchen benchtops to be installed so he can do the splashback - fingers crossed.

I will post an update later in the week...

UPDATE: Kitchen Benchtops installed....  Bathrooms and Laundry tiling 50% done..... Painting 80% done.... internal doors hung/painted and handles installed.... Apparently they are going to cut the driveway and clear the site this week as well... cant wait...

Sucks being locked out thought! wish we could have a look inside!!

Looks like our Ivan is back to finish the floors so might be able to have a look over the weekend!!! Fingers crossed!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Photos

Here are some internal shots of the house that we took this week...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy week

The house is locked up but had a peek through the window tonight only to see lots more has been done this week......and its only Wednesday!!!

- Kitchen installed
- Internal doors hung
- Skirting boards
- Architraves

Everyone has been telling me that things slow up at this stage... but like our experience with everything else its all gone quite smoothly and quickly.

I am not to sure what to expect from here but assume that painting is next?

Update: What a week...! to add to the above we have a garage door, front door, ceiling painted and walls painted. Its all starting to come together...

Bathroom and Laundry Tiles

We made the laundry and bathroom selections last week and it proved to be one of the hardest decision that we have had to do. You have to keep within the budget yet still get something that looks good. You also don't want to get anything that will date to quickly.

So seeing our budget was already "at the limit" we went in with an open mind and came out with a sore one!

We used polished porcelain in our last bathroom and they were great so we really wanted to get similar tiles this time around. Here was the first issue as they started at $49 p/m, and the allowance from the builder was $25. Determined to get what we wanted we went searching through the displays trying to find something that we both liked - and we found it..... and it was discontinued!! 

After some more backwards and forwards we could not find anything that was within the budget that we liked and were getting quite frustrated until.... We came across a 600x300 white polished wall tile in porcelain for $18 p/m on special. Seeing that most of the tiles that you use are on the wall it saved us $7pm that we could allocate towards a more expensive floor tile.

We then found an awesome looking charcoal/stone/grey looking porcelain tile and it was $38pm - and what we saved on the walls we used towards the floor. We also managed to get some square floor wastes as well which we have used before and look great.

After the long task of the bathrooms we went with a lighter coloured laundry floor tile (again in porcelain) and used it on the walls as well. We are now really happy with our selections and cant wait to see the result.

Bathroom - wall and floor tiles
Bathroom - floor tile
Floor wastes - with tile insert
Laundry - wall and floor tiles

Monday, September 19, 2011

Locked Out

Its official... we are locked out of the house!

Renee drove past and called me excited to see the garage door on and the front door boarded up. The laundry door was also on. She had a peek through the windows and all the internal passage door, bedroom doors and wardrobe doors were put on as well.

Hoping to see the kitchen sometime this week as well!!

Wonder what else we will see this week?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

House Pictures

Ok so here are a few updates... went over to the house to clean the floor the best that I could for Ivan as he is there tomorrow to finish the corners and the final polish. I will then have to go back there and cover the floors in plastic ready for next week. John said the fixing will be done so that probably means cornice, skirting, architraves etc. Also they have delivered was the front door and the laundry door.

Really starting to take some shape now and you can see where everything is going to fit - Renee started talking about where the lounges and beds will go!

It was good to see the light that the skylight was throwing into the the house - If you are considering one the do it... they look great and will save $$$ on lighting bills - and the natural light is great.

Mind the floor condition as its covered in gyprock dust and plaster.