Monday, July 11, 2011

Piering Starts

Works seems to be rolling ahead quite quickly which we are very happy about. Got an email from the builder to say that piering was starting today and plumbing would be dug in tomorrow.

We drove past the block this afternoon and sure enough the machines were there digging holes for all the piers. I put a few photos below. The concrete was poured later in the afternoon.

It was also good to see the house slab marked out in white as well so were could see where everything was going to be.


  1. wow congratulations on your site start! I love the design of your home that you have chosen. We ended up changing builders as well. I have a photo of that kitchen on my blog. They built a lovely home. Cannot wait to see the progress on your home. Will you be going to the jacaranda park opening???

  2. also.... my blog has changed you can now find us on.... the old one does not work now.. due to change of builder.

    Will you be in by christmas???

  3. Hey Cass...

    Yeah was wondering what had happened to your site. The builder knows that we want to be in for xmas and we are hoping that it will happen.

    We have 10 people coming out from the UK for New Year so fingers crossed. Our builder has been awesome and so easy to deal with. Because they are a small builder I can communicate with the easily.

    So much so that we have made a few changes after approval (non structural) and nothing is to hard. I highly recommend them to anyone looking at building a home!

  4. Also... Just spoke to Renee and yeah we will be going to the opening of the new park. We should chat before hand so we can catch up. Are you on facebook?

    PS - keep an eye out next week on our blog. We are now doing polished concrete floors in the house! I should have some nice pics coming

  5. Congratulations on the commencement of your build! We did a drive by this afternoon and noticed that quite a few slabs were being prepared. Fingers crossed that it will all be ready for Christmas.

    Looking forward to seeing some pics of those polished concrete floors.