Sunday, March 20, 2011

Land Photos - Land registration

Here are some photos of the land. Registration has finally happened and we are the proud owners of  7 Gallinulla Place Glenmore Park!!!

Here are some pictures of the block. We are in a cul-de-sac and don't have any houses across the road which is a little different. We went over there on Saturday and they had taken some of the fences down on the blocks that had already registered.

We noticed that there is a small green power box on the left hand side - but it looks like its on next doors block and not ours. You can see that our peg is just on the inside.

 Lot 1007 Gallinulla Place
 Electrical Box
 Our Block From the Front
 Gallinulla Place - Looking down the cul-de-sac
Gallinulla Place - Looking up the cul-de-sac

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  1. Great land photos. Did you get to go on the block for a visit or are the fences down? Its very exciting seeing progress. One thing that I found interested was the type of gutter we have. We don't have the rounded version that most parts of Glenmore Park have. Did you find this strange?

  2. Thanks... we just went for a drive and all the fences had moved. The gates were wide open when we went and there were other people in there so we drive in (just happened to have the camera which was lucky).

    I lived in stage 1 of Glenmore Park and moved in when I was 10 (30 now) and grew up with the curved gutters. I didn't notice until you mentioned it. Wonder why they didn't do the same thing in this release?

  3. I found out why they are not doing curved gutters. Current residents of Glenmore Park have complained to the council how people park and drive on the nature strips and almost use it as an extension of the road. They way I see it, its not the curved gutters its just that some of the older streets are really narrow. Stockland have done some pretty wide streets which is good. Do you know if they have put in the laybacks for the driveways?

  4. Did you get the invite to the Meet the neighbourhood BBQ? Are you going?

    We also took a drive out to the land, were were able to drive in as the gates were open.. there were a few others doing the same.

    Have you settled yet? We have our tender meeting soon, plus then we need to pick colours which I am struggling with...

  5. Hello Cass....

    Not sure if we are going yet... if we are I will let you know.

    We struggled with colours as well..... suggestion... don't try and make up your own colours. We just went to difference display homes and looked at what we liked and asked what the bricks were and gutter/fascia colours. We did the same with the kitchen as well.

    It made it so much easier to make the selections as it was easy seeing it in front of you.

    Also call austral, boral and pgh. They have spreadsheets of house addresses for each brick that they have so you can drive past and check them out on other houses!

    Good luck with it

  6. sorry.... forgot to mention... Land registers in 3 weeks.

  7. Has your land registered? I have left a message with Rod Wilson to see if ours has any more delays. We sold our home and it settles on the 20th of this month.. so we are in full packing mode...

    Do you have a site start date for your build?