Friday, September 30, 2011

Some Photos

Here are some internal shots of the house that we took this week...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Busy week

The house is locked up but had a peek through the window tonight only to see lots more has been done this week......and its only Wednesday!!!

- Kitchen installed
- Internal doors hung
- Skirting boards
- Architraves

Everyone has been telling me that things slow up at this stage... but like our experience with everything else its all gone quite smoothly and quickly.

I am not to sure what to expect from here but assume that painting is next?

Update: What a week...! to add to the above we have a garage door, front door, ceiling painted and walls painted. Its all starting to come together...

Bathroom and Laundry Tiles

We made the laundry and bathroom selections last week and it proved to be one of the hardest decision that we have had to do. You have to keep within the budget yet still get something that looks good. You also don't want to get anything that will date to quickly.

So seeing our budget was already "at the limit" we went in with an open mind and came out with a sore one!

We used polished porcelain in our last bathroom and they were great so we really wanted to get similar tiles this time around. Here was the first issue as they started at $49 p/m, and the allowance from the builder was $25. Determined to get what we wanted we went searching through the displays trying to find something that we both liked - and we found it..... and it was discontinued!! 

After some more backwards and forwards we could not find anything that was within the budget that we liked and were getting quite frustrated until.... We came across a 600x300 white polished wall tile in porcelain for $18 p/m on special. Seeing that most of the tiles that you use are on the wall it saved us $7pm that we could allocate towards a more expensive floor tile.

We then found an awesome looking charcoal/stone/grey looking porcelain tile and it was $38pm - and what we saved on the walls we used towards the floor. We also managed to get some square floor wastes as well which we have used before and look great.

After the long task of the bathrooms we went with a lighter coloured laundry floor tile (again in porcelain) and used it on the walls as well. We are now really happy with our selections and cant wait to see the result.

Bathroom - wall and floor tiles
Bathroom - floor tile
Floor wastes - with tile insert
Laundry - wall and floor tiles

Monday, September 19, 2011

Locked Out

Its official... we are locked out of the house!

Renee drove past and called me excited to see the garage door on and the front door boarded up. The laundry door was also on. She had a peek through the windows and all the internal passage door, bedroom doors and wardrobe doors were put on as well.

Hoping to see the kitchen sometime this week as well!!

Wonder what else we will see this week?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

House Pictures

Ok so here are a few updates... went over to the house to clean the floor the best that I could for Ivan as he is there tomorrow to finish the corners and the final polish. I will then have to go back there and cover the floors in plastic ready for next week. John said the fixing will be done so that probably means cornice, skirting, architraves etc. Also they have delivered was the front door and the laundry door.

Really starting to take some shape now and you can see where everything is going to fit - Renee started talking about where the lounges and beds will go!

It was good to see the light that the skylight was throwing into the the house - If you are considering one the do it... they look great and will save $$$ on lighting bills - and the natural light is great.

Mind the floor condition as its covered in gyprock dust and plaster.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Gyprock Starts

Ok so after a speed hump earlier in the week, gyprocking has started and in full swing. I drove past this afternoon and in 2 days the whole house seems to be done and they have also set the first coat as well.

I am sure they will be close to finishing all the roof and walls by the end of the week and assume that they will get into the cornice next week. Also had an email from Fairmont to confirm our colour selections for the paint - but no later than next week so that cant be far away either.

The house looks so different when gyprocking starts... I think its because you cant see through the walls and you have a better sense of the space.

We will take some photos this weekend when the sun is out.... Also have to re-cover the floors

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dirty Thieving $*&^ers

Very upset because some low lives decided it would be a great idea to go into our house and cut out electrical cables after it had been roughed in - the day before gyprocking was meant to start. They decided to cut the power cables at the back of the meter box and all the light switches and for what....?? A few meters of cable.

Seriously upset and cranky and feel bad as well for our builder as this is sure to have cost them some extra money to the sparky. Anyway called Fairmont and they had the sparky back the next day to fix it. I even emailed Fairmont a few weeks ago to warn them as another house was done over on Ridgetop Drive and they did the same thing.

I am venting but some people..... seriously get a job!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Floor Pics

Ok so these are taken from my phone so the image quality is not good..... But the floors are coming along well and look awesome. These pictures are taken at 800grit finish. They will be finished tomorrow and will be at 3000grit finish which will look amazing by what I have seen today.

I will post some better ones with the good camera and in some good light.

Also the electrical, insulation and skylight was done as well.... Gyprock Monday!