Sunday, July 10, 2011

Colour Selections

Well if you were anything like us brick, tile, garage, render colours were just to hard to pick. We just could not decide on what we wanted and were quite frustrated we could not make a decision.

So we went for a drive and decided that the only way we would make a decision was to pick something we could see... so we went out and drove past lots of display homes to see what colours and bricks they have chosen.

We ended up seeing some great colour schemes and just wanted to make sure that were were doing the right thing.

I found some details for an online colour consultant called Michelle from De Novo Concepts. You can find Michelle here

Michelle was great. We emailed her the colours that we were looking at and she took the time to go over them to make sure we were doing the right thing. She also arranged for the colours we selected to go onto an image of the front of our house. I just got an image from the builder and Michelle got the colours put onto the photo so we could see what it would look like. Best $70 I have spent in the process - thanks Michelle - and if you are having the same issues then be sure to get in contact with her.

You can also contact directly who do the images such as the one they did for us below.

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