Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pictures as promised

Well the roof is on so we had to go and pull up the black floor covering this weekend and broom out all the dust. We are now waiting for Ivan to get on site to get the floors grinded as electrical, insulation and gyprock starts this week.


  1. Hi Guys
    Pictures look great, your house is coming along so fast im jealous Ha Ha. Its starting to get warmer so we might have to look at organising a street party soon. let me know what you think!
    Cheers Matt

  2. Thanks Mate...

    Street party... Yeah we will be in on that... Gas bottle, portable BBQ and an esky!

    Our builder says that we are past halfway as well. So we are 8 weeks on so may be 8 weeks away from having a fridge and a BBQ..

    We could even call it "lay a roll of turf day" haha

  3. how about your block Matt... Any progress there mate??

  4. Amazing progress guys. Can't wait to see the floors!

  5. They were grinded and densified today... They will be finished tomorrow and Wednesday... Photos to come this week... woo hoo!!!

  6. Your home is looking great guys….how exciting that you're half way! Are you planning on going to the jazz in the park?

  7. Maybe... We have so much on at the moment... we will have to see how we go!