Thursday, August 18, 2011

Fascia and Gutter

Well we have had some more action this week. Fascia and gutter have been installed and we are waiting for the roof tiles to be delivered as Monier is out of stock of the Traditional Barrumundi - their most popular tile and colour.

So hope that they are delivered on Monday and we can see a roof next week and be one step closer to lockup.

Weather is holding up good so far so lets keep hoping that we have good weather for next week as well.

I suspect after the roof is on we wont be to far from a front door, garage door and laundry door..... LOCKUP wont be to far away......hopefully....

We are keen to see the roof get done so we can get Ivan back to finish the floors and see how they come up..... cant wait

Update: Roof tiles delivered today.... should see some action this week and some awesome floors on the weekend!

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