Monday, August 15, 2011

Brickwork Complete

I hadn't been out past the block last week as was super busy at work. I had an annual leave day today so we went out this morning to see that the brickwork had been completed and the bricks were in the process of being cleaned down.

We are both really happy with the colour we have chosen and like the look with the flush finished mortar as well.  Have been told that the fascia and gutter and roof will be happening this week - from there we would only need a front and laundry door and we would be locked up.

I hope that this is the case because Ivan is planning to come back on the weekend to finish grinding the floors.

Should be an interesting week.

Rear Alfresco
Rear Alfresco & Side
Front and Main Bedroom - Pillars to be Rendered/Bagged
Front and Garage - Pillars to be Bagged/Rendered
Laundry and Rear Bedroom


  1. Bricks look great! Love the colour!

  2. Thanks Cass.. it feels good when what you pick works out

  3. Wow, the house looks great! How exciting to see it coming along so well.