Saturday, August 6, 2011

Paint Colours

With so many decision to make its really easy to second guess yourself. We see something we like then wonder if it will go, if it will work with out colours, if we will like it. Things look very different on a paint chip or a sample door colour then they do in real life.

Was searching the internet tonight and stumbled across this page from Dulux that lists their top selling white and feature colours. Helps that 3 of the colours that we like are the ones that are their best sellers.... Just helps to re-affirm that we are making the right choice.

Hope that this helps anyone else that is debating what colours to use.

Dulux - Award Winning Colours

Anyway... We are using the following colours.....

Main: Hog Bristle 1/2
Trim: Antique White USA

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  1. nice choice…..a friend of ours has hog bristle and it looks good!