Monday, October 3, 2011

Enter October

Well we are now starting the first week of October and things have been going along well.

We are pretty excited that we might get to see some cool stuff happening this week.

I think the tiler will be on site to do the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen splashback. We can't wait to see how they turn out when they are done.

If the tiler is there I would also expect the kitchen benchtops to be installed so he can do the splashback - fingers crossed.

I will post an update later in the week...

UPDATE: Kitchen Benchtops installed....  Bathrooms and Laundry tiling 50% done..... Painting 80% done.... internal doors hung/painted and handles installed.... Apparently they are going to cut the driveway and clear the site this week as well... cant wait...

Sucks being locked out thought! wish we could have a look inside!!

Looks like our Ivan is back to finish the floors so might be able to have a look over the weekend!!! Fingers crossed!!


  1. Everythings coming togethor so well. Congratulations it all looks great so far!!

  2. Well done - you might be our first residents in Glenmore Ridge!!!!

  3. thanks guys... Not sure how long to go but the 2 houses at the end of my street seem to be nearing completion - they look to be about 4 weeks away talking with them this afternoon (both owner builders)

    Got an email from Fairmont today as well. The tiler is there doing the bathrooms and the kitchen benchtops get installed tomorrow.

    Renee and I were talking last night... we just remembered that we better start packing our stuff!! It took us about 4 weeks to pack at Xmas time so we better start that very soon as well.

  4. Have fun packing... very exciting... houses are popping up all over the place.

  5. wow with that update you are almost there!

    Drew how much does it cost to have the polished floor per 2m?

    Your floor looks fantastic - I like how it will be a no fuss floor once complete.

  6. I got a good deal I think... for 120m2 it was $11,000. Add $800 to increase the concrete strength to 32MPA when they poured the slab + 1 1/2 tonne of quartz stones $400.

    I know its my house and my floor but it looks awesome... I am so happy with it...

    The guy doing it is from Perth.. he did mine and then did the house at the end of the street as well once he saw my floor.