Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcome to Mulgoa!!

Ok so here is the story...

Got my rates notice in the mail and appears that there is a change to the suburb we live in.

We were.... Lot1007 Gullinulla Place Glenmore Park NSW 2745 but are now 7 Gallinulla Place Mulgoa NSW 2745.

I called council this morning and they have confirmed it.... Our suburb is now MULGOA

That being said and seeing we are Mulgoa residents and not Glenmore Park residents I would love for Stockland to hurry up and open our new entrance from Bradley Street so I dont have to keep going through Glenmore Park to get to our block. Its annoying driving 1.6kms down the northern road, and then having to drive back when its closed....


  1. Nice one. So does our land value go up and insurances go down now? :)

  2. Drew totally agree. I have 500m2 of rural land in mulgoa Lol. It would be good to see Bradley street open

  3. Hey guys, we were shocked when we saw this! My boyfriend Shannon and I just bought land in Glenmore Ridge (stage 14) and were disappointed that the suburb name was apparently changed to Mulgoa. A little bit of research told us that having a house in Mulgoa would mean potentially $50,000 difference in house price (as in less) and the same amount of rates through Penrith City Council...

    So! I endeavoured to get to the bottom of it. We bought land in Glenmore Park and we wanted to ensure we were going to be in Glenmore Park. The Glenmore Park Stage 2 document that Council released in 2009 (you know the one that tells us about setbacks and collector roads etc) never mentioned the fact that these new releases were going to be Mulgoa. After being shuffled around on the phone between people at Penrith City Council, I was put onto a man name Mark Broderick who is the Senior Development Manager with Council. Turns out we will eventually be in Glenmore Park but the matter is currently being resolved by the Geographical Names Board. Ridgetop Drive was originally an historic boundary between Regentville and Mulgoa. That was why Glenmore Park was built to that geographical boundary. Mark said that he was on the planning committee for Glenmore Park Stage 2 (also called the Glenmore Park extension) and their intentions were always to have these new releases be known as Glenmore Park.

    So, to cut a long story will still be in Glenmore Park and current rates notices that call it Mulgoa are only doing so because of the old historical geographical boundary.

    Yay! You'll also find that the new geographical boundary of Glenmore Park will extend a little further than the new Bradley Street...which by the way will open in the very near future.

    Great to see another Glenmore Ridge resident blogging about their journey. We've been inspired and just started up our own!