Saturday, September 10, 2011

House Pictures

Ok so here are a few updates... went over to the house to clean the floor the best that I could for Ivan as he is there tomorrow to finish the corners and the final polish. I will then have to go back there and cover the floors in plastic ready for next week. John said the fixing will be done so that probably means cornice, skirting, architraves etc. Also they have delivered was the front door and the laundry door.

Really starting to take some shape now and you can see where everything is going to fit - Renee started talking about where the lounges and beds will go!

It was good to see the light that the skylight was throwing into the the house - If you are considering one the do it... they look great and will save $$$ on lighting bills - and the natural light is great.

Mind the floor condition as its covered in gyprock dust and plaster.

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  1. wow, things are really taking shape. Your floor looks fantastic. I think your colour selections will work really well with your floor.

    It must be exciting to get a real feel of your home now the it has walls!!!!