Thursday, November 10, 2011

No Phones.... NBN in limbo

In the simple attempts to connect STANDARD services in out new home at Glenmore Ridge we have run in to some major problems.

We have called Telstra to connect the phone line and they gave us a new number on the spot. They took a booking to come and connect the telephone line to the street on Monday.

I got a call today and they have cancelled the installation because.... wait for it.... there is not services in our street and probably for most of the Glenmore Ridge Estate.


I will attempt to outline below

  • As part of the Governments plan for the National Broadband Network (NBN) Fibre is to be rolled out across Australia - This is to be done by NBN Co Ltd
  • Telstra normally roll out copper underground cables in the pits/tunnels that the developer lays in new estates
  • Because fibre will eventually be rolled out by NBN Co Ltd, Telstra have decided that installing copper cables in the ground is not a good commercial decision as it will be ripped out and replaced with fibre in the future
  • So with NBN CO Ltd being the people responsible for providing our servives Telstra has absolutely no responsibility to provide and copper services whilst we wait for the fibre rollout across Australia
  • Telstra do however HAVE TO provide houses with a home phone SO with no copper cable you could demand a satellite phone from them - I am sure at massive prices
  • This means that you cannot get a normal home phone, ADSL internet, back to base alarms or anything else that goes over a standard phone line
  • This means that the online internet that you can get is either 3g i.e a usb dongle OR Telstra's more expensive 4g
After speaking with Telstra they advised to call my local MP (which is David Bradbury) to advise him of the situation. I sent an email yesterday and they advised they would get back to me.

I also spoke with Stockland who appeared to already know that this was an issue and would also get back to me.

I will be calling NBN CO tommorrow to see when they plan to roll out services into the area. After I speak to the NBN CO I will find out how far services are from being installed. I have read other blogs and there are 1000's of other people in new estates in the same position as us.

I am also keen to know how long Stockland has know about this and why this is the first I have heard of this issue. Considering I paid full price for my land and dont even have standard services I am FAR FROM IMPRESSED.... 

What an absolute GARGABE situation ..... updates to follow


  1. Stockland always seemed quite about the fibre optics that were ran I only found out by a neighbour who asked that it was there, obviously because the optics are useless at the moment and there is no alternative for a fixed line.

    Eager to hear the outcome of this one!

  2. Jon.... I have been told that there is NOTHING in the pits through some of the estate... awaiting a call back from Telstra and NBN... will post the outcome

  3. Interesting, and quite poor on Stockland's behalf if that is the case. Let's see what they say, it appears that the NBN couldn't come quicker now.

  4. WHAT!!! this is outrageous. Someone has some explaining to do if this isn't resolved. Thanks for posting this Drew. I know my hubby won't be happy if he can't play MW3 in our new house!

  5. Thats terrible..hope it gets sorted soon.

  6. Noticed pits going in over on Bradley St, it appears something is happening?

    Certainly a pain in the backside, I'm hearing the MW3 issue haha.

  7. Happening in Jordan Springs as well with FTTH. A couple moved in the other day and even though we're not allowed antennas they went and got one anyway so they could watch TV. They have no phone or internet. Seems like NBN is a joke. Hopefully will get sorted soon enough now that people are moving into these estates.

  8. Hi Guys,
    any word yet? i have been calling iinet/nbn/stocklands and got no where!

  9. Hi Drew and Renee. I really hope they got you sorted out quickly and reasonably, though something tells me that isn't the case... Anyway, just wanted to see how moving/settling in has gone and to "hassle" you for pics :) Best wishes, Ash.