Monday, October 10, 2011

Home Stretch...

Well things have been going to plan and thought I would post an update. Lots happened last week and we are hoping that the same happens this week.

We have been told that we should expect the following this week

  • Front portico pillars will be rendered and painted
  • Front driveway and path to be poured
  • Wardrobes and showerscreens to be installed
  • Tiling to be grouted
  • Site cleared and levelled ready for topsoil and turf
  • Concrete floor polishing finalised
After the above is done I think that all we have left to do is the following
  • Install bath, toilets, mirrors and bathroom accessories
  • Painting touchups
  • Front entrance and kitchen splashback tiling
  • Plumber and electrical final fitout
  • Carpet
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Water Tank
  • Blinds
  • Ceiling fan in alresco
We can't be far away from keys now.....


  1. wow - you are almost there... so when is the house warming party?????

    Great news!

  2. thanks cass... so much to do I havent thought about it yet... I am sure that we will get it sorted out soon...