Monday, September 5, 2011

Dirty Thieving $*&^ers

Very upset because some low lives decided it would be a great idea to go into our house and cut out electrical cables after it had been roughed in - the day before gyprocking was meant to start. They decided to cut the power cables at the back of the meter box and all the light switches and for what....?? A few meters of cable.

Seriously upset and cranky and feel bad as well for our builder as this is sure to have cost them some extra money to the sparky. Anyway called Fairmont and they had the sparky back the next day to fix it. I even emailed Fairmont a few weeks ago to warn them as another house was done over on Ridgetop Drive and they did the same thing.

I am venting but some people..... seriously get a job!


  1. Drew, that is awful... assumptions would be that kids are doing it... if this continues maybe Stockland need to add some security to the site. At Oran Park they have security roaming. Good that Fairmont fixed everything so quickly, sounds like things are really moving along for you.

  2. All I can say is: ^&@^*(&)(@*#_!_*@)Q!. I share your anger 100%. I'm glad in a way that we are one of the last to build in our estate, though there are always trials. The tradies working next door, use our block and never close the temporary fencing off. Some people are just inconsiderate and others are malicious. At least Fairmont are great. I'm sure they've been through this before...which is a sad comment really isn't it.

  3. Oh and did I mention that the tradies also litter on our block..? Argh! Venting is good :)

  4. Unbelievable how scum get a thrill from this low act. It would be good if Stockland arranged security - especially when it's time to install kitchen appliances etc….. friends of ours had their oven and instant hot water stolen whilst building.