Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thanks Fairmont

Just want to say a THANKYOU to Dan and John from Fairmont.

Made a call as we wanted a dwarf wall on the inside of the house(which we discussed before we signed up with Fairmont) and also some noggings for the plasma tv.

John called me to say that he organised the dwarf wall and to go and have a look to make sure we were happy with it. I drove out to check and it was fine. The carpenter was there and had also done the noggins in the media room for the plasma TV. He even wrote the measurements on the  concrete floor so we knew exactly where they were for when we put the tv in - HOW GOOD IS THAT.

I have said it before but dealing with Fairmont has been great and they are a great family company to deal with. Nothing is to hard and they are only to happy to help when you ask for it. Thanks for making it so easy!

With so much going on it keeps bringing me back to the excitement of building... which is how it should be!

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  1. That sounds fantastic guys. Mick and I are so glad that we decided to build with Fairmont too. Also, the floors are looking great! Can't wait to see more pics. And gip-rocking Monday....I hope our build can be as fast as yours :)